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Recovery Solutions

The Gizmotec ethos


We understand and appreciate that you will want to spend as much time possible running your business and maximising profits. It is from this need that we have structured our purchase, sale and repair processes to make your life as stress free as possible.


At Gizmotec we specialise in reverse logistics for all manner of personal electronics. We generate taylor made recovery solutions dependent on our client requirements.

Financial recovery and loss reduction

Faulty (RMA) stock has a detrimental effect on any retail business. If left unchecked this can grow into a bigger problem and cause further financial loss.


For units that develop faults during a given warranty period, complete financial recovery is the desired outcome, whilst not absorbing too many resources and detracting attention away from the primary business purpose. Gizmotec’s highly competitive pricing structure will aid you in minimising your loss to a negligible figure.

Purchase guarantee scheme

For select clients we even offer a purchase guarantee whereby you actively seek to purchase faulty units from customers and we will guarantee to give you between a 10-40% uplift on the price you paid out*.

The profit achieved on this stock can be used to completely offset any loss suffered on RMA warranty returns.

*subject to pre-determined approval from a Gizmotec purchase manager and the purchase regulations set out here.

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