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At Gizmotec we understand how important it is to provide exceptional service, whilst establishing a healthy working rapport. We provide regular technical support to a number of business clients, which enables them to accurately determine fault and warranty diagnostics. The services we provide will help you run your business more effectively.

PCB Rework Station

We have a dedicated soldering and rework station, where our IPC 60 standard trained engineers undertake board level repairs such a PCB to SMD reworking (the process of de-soldering and re-soldering surface mounted electronic components on a printed circuit board assembly). We also apply reflowing and reballing techniques maximising the repair potential or many faulty units. These are not usually the kind of repairs that can be undertaken by small independent ‘high street repair stalls’ and require a great deal of skill and knowledge to achieve the required results. Rework machines operate at temperatures exceeding 400C and such repairs should never be undertaken unless done so by professionals in the right environment.

Flashing Station

We also operate a dedicated flashing station where our highly experienced engineers have access to a vast array of tools, files and boxes to ensure that regardless of the make or model of a mobile phone, we can restore devices to the factory default operating system (Stock ROM). If there are any software related issues we are likely to have the solution.

Our skilled engineers can repair almost anything!

Gizmotec Ltd was formed in 2012 by a CEX (Complete Entertainment eXchange) Franchisee looking to provide additional RMA support and stock supply for an existing network of CEX stores. The initial team of staff that started Gizmotec had over 10 years of experience in mobile phone and personal electronic device repairs, having undertaken such work under the umbrella of CEX since 2004.

Since opening, the team has trebled in number and we have acquired and mastered a plethora of advanced repair techniques that allow us to restore devices with a variety of defects, to a working and warrantable state.

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