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Here at Gizmotec we strive to give you the best possible money for your faulty products. We continuously monitor market-pricing trends and ensure that we are the most competitive faulty mobile phone buyer in the UK.

Some of the reasons for opting for stock sale as opposed to repair solutions are…

Instant payment helping your cash flow

Turn your dead stock into cash

No headache of administration for tracking repairs

Promptly generate space in your work environment

We purchase over a thousand units every month from dozens of satisfied corporate clients. What you may consider to be of little worth may have more value than you realise.

We do not discriminate based on the condition or reported defect of your devices. The price you are quoted will be the price you receive, so don’t let your faulty electronics gather dust and degrade in value.

Contact us today to discover how Gizmotec can maximise profitability for your business.

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